The iPad Goes To School

This article discusses the rising use of iPads in schools and the pros and cons that accompany this shift from paper and pencil to using more advanced technology in the classroom. Many people worry that having students use iPads during school poses a threat because it allows students to easily get away with being distracted by the many games, apps, and social media that can be accessed on iPads. Even when schools block certain distracting websites such as facebook, many students can still figure out ways to go on these sites. I found this article particularly interesting because I have watched my younger brother’s high school shift from using text books and notebooks to requiring that every student have an iPad over the course of the last two years. He has confirmed to me that tons of his classmates play apps on their iPads and go on social media during class even though his school has attempted to block these sites. However, when I think back to being in high school and having to lug around a bunch of heavy text books all day, it makes me think that having all of my books and notes on an iPad would have made my life a lot easier. I think there are also a lot of teaching and learning advantages to students having iPads as well, for they can easily access educational websites, class blogs, and other features when instructed to both inside and outside of the classroom. I found it interesting that the article mentioned companies who are trying to produce educational tablets that are designed with the intent of being used in a school setting. This could potentially be the happy medium between not wanting students to be distracted while using iPads but also not wanting to withhold from students the many benefits of using technology to enhance their learning experience.


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