Is Technology a Distraction?

If you are a student in the 21st century most likely you have a cellphone and most likely you hid your phone looking left, right, up and down at the teacher to make sure you do not get caught texting, tweeting, face-booking, or whatever social media you are most into that week. More than half of the students would be guilty of this while the others can claim they have seen fellow peers do this. With all the texting, tweeting, and other social media is this a distraction? In the article “The problem with technology in schools”, it says how technology has become more of a distraction rather than a helpful tool. Today, students lose concentration very easily. This is because of the helpful online search engine. With technology we can find simply answers to simply questions with just a push of a button and immediately we get the result we were looking for. The problem with this is, beyond technology, the real world does not work like this and the students get annoyed and become uninterested or lose concentration. Students are more interested with their phones than they are with there education and what the teacher is saying. Yes, I do believe technology is a distraction but in this century it is a way of life. Now in schools a reward for a student may be playing with an Ipad or giving them extra computer time. Yes in some cases technology is a distraction but in other situations it is a way of rewarding which students seem to really be interested in


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