The Most Powerful Tool in the Classroom

For centuries, there has only been two main sources of information in the classroom; the teacher and the textbook. This article discusses the importance of the internet and how it can be beneficial to the students in the classroom. It faces the crucial question of “will technology take over the role of the teachers in the classroom?” They come to the fortunate answer of no. What we have to do now is change the way that we teach. Teachers now will be able to challenge their students in a different way. They will have to come up with more critical thinking answers, ways to problem solve and use their creativity. I think that this will be beneficial for the students and will help them to progress throughout the school year. The article states that the teachers will have to be “letting go” of the control they have in the classroom, but I feel that this is not exactly the case. The teachers will still have control over their classrooms, they will just be teaching in a different manner. Technology in the classroom is a good thing and will help the students to become better learners. It also makes the classroom a more fun environment and they can be doing things that they can relate to.



  1. jborzill · January 29, 2015
    So, I can’t figure out how to create my own post on this blog! I wanted to post something so I figured this would be the easiest way.
    I liked this article because it gave tons of examples of how to use technology properly in the classroom. I agree with their statement that technology needs to be integrated into the classroom and not treated as a separate subject or activity. In the classroom I am teaching in now, the computers are only used as rewards for students with disabilities or behavior issues. While I do think this can be helpful and can act as a good reward for these students, it is unfortunate that the students aren’t allowed to use the computers more often. However, each classroom gets to use Crome Books for one full day every 2 or 3 weeks. I think this has the potential to be really great, but I also don’t think the laptops are always used in the best way possible. For example, last week in class, the students mostly played educational games on the computers. They did really enjoy this, but I think my teacher could have better incorporated the computers into the regular curriculum. I think the suggestions on this website are really helpful and I will try to incorporate some of them in my classroom.


  2. jborzill · January 29, 2015

    ^^ This is Jessica Borzilleri by the way!


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