Khan Academy

My freshman and sophomore year  in college I did a lot of research on Khan Academy and the pros and cons to using his site. I have found his videos very helpful and even relied on a lot of his science videos to help my pass my Praxis test! However, according to several of his 60 minute debuts, he believes that his videos should be the only source of instruction that children receive. He believes that a “flipped classroom” is essential to learning ( where you receive instruction at home and come to school to work on projects, essays or assignments based on what you watched at home). If the Education System were to try his approach exactly how he intends there would be no grade levels, no books and essentially no teachers. I think that his videos are a great aide to teaching. If students are having trouble with a specific topic or idea the teacher can instruct them to go home and watch some of these videos. But if we were to take the flipped classroom to the extreme, what would happen? What if students in low socioeconomic areas did not have access to technology at home? How would teachers differentiate and continue to help those who are struggling or have special needs? I think as we explore technology in the classroom we will begin to uncover more and more positive approaches and ways of teaching our students. But I believe it is very important to continue asking questions and thinking about the future outcomes before diving right in.


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