Digital Story Helps Child Communicate

As I was exploring the NAEYC website I came across this article about a four year old boy who spoke Chinese and was having difficulty communicating with his peers. His classmates did not realize what he was capable of and had no idea what he was interested in because of the language barrier. However, his teachers allowed him to take home an iPad to take pictures of his home and of his toys to then put into a digital story (written in both Chinese and English) to share with his classmates.

This definitely seemed like a good use of technology in the classroom as with children so young socialization and communication is an important aspect of learning. As a child who stands out from his peers because of his difficulty communicating with them, using technology in this way showed that all students had many common interests despite cultural differences. Digital stories can be used not only with ELL students but with all children who have difficulty socializing with their peers as they can show their classmates their interests and spark new friendships in different ways. In this case, this student was able to tell his classmates about himself through technology when verbal communication was difficult. It was a great way to promote socialization between this child and his peers.


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