Helpful or Harmful?
Today in elementary schools, most have at least one computer and one ipad or tablet of some sort for the students to play different math, writing, or reading games. Is this use of technology harmless? or is it helpful for the younger students? In this article, it states that incorporating technology can be difficult within a classroom, but has proven benefits when it comes to personalized learning. I believe that to be true. Many students learn differently and the use of technology can be very engaging and helpful for students who struggle. An interactive multiplication game is more helpful and engaging for students than a worksheet of multiplication problems. Today in a classroom, most rewards for a student is use of the computer or ipad. When I was younger, the type of rewards we would receive would be extra reading time or extra art time, never in a million of years would I think the new reward is the use of technology. But I do believe this benefits the children in many ways. My nephew is five years old and it amazes me how he knows how to work an ipad, iphone, and the different apps on both. Christmas Eve, he was showing us my brothers ipad and his favorite game on it. I was thinking it would be angry birds or some type of ninja turtle game, to my disbelief it was a game about the 50 states. It was a blank map of America, and a state would pop up and he would have to click where that state was located. His first time he got 48 out of 50 correct. I could not believe it. I thought to myself at that age I could not tell you where Connecticut is..the state I live in. This is when I started to think about technology being a benefit for students. These little games the app store provides is an awesome way for children to learn. It is more of a game for them than work or homework. It definitely benefits their learning and hopefully will continue doing so.


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