Integrating Technology in the Classroom

This website just gives 19 different simple ways to incorporate technology into teaching. Even for those with a lack of experience with technology can most likely figure out how to do all of these.

Personally I liked #5 about a quote of the day. I enjoy when teachers have a quote on the board to start a lesson, but instead of just writing the quote this gives the idea of teachers putting a URL link on the board and having students locate the work of the day on their own… similar to this is #6 about the word of the day for a classroom. Just a simple way to incorporate a little technology into the lesson.

My favorite of the ideas is #8.. making history real. It gives links about what happened that day in history… a way to make history a little more personal to each day. This doent have to be a whole lesson, just a quick way to start up a history lesson.


One comment

  1. Marcy Zipke · February 9, 2015

    Good list for teachers not sure where to start!


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