IPads in the Classroom

In this BBC article I found online it brings up a lot of great points on why IPads are beneficial to have in the classroom. After reading this article it has opened my eyes to more ways IPads can be used on an everyday basis in a classroom. There are many different features that an IPad can do that I was not aware of before. Being a teacher I would be very skeptical to hand out a device to students that can just distract their attention away from the lesson. Having blocks and firewalls on certain apps and websites is definitely key when using IPads with your students. Being able to share documents and be interactive with the lesson by looking up more information on the topics themselves is important. Not all students are able to have Internet access at home and aren’t able to explore like they would be able to during school. Giving the students the opportunity to explore and learn new things for themselves will have a strong impact on their ability to research topics in the later grades more effectively. There are also so many different apps for teachers to access and try out with their students that correspond with many different lessons. It’s something new and fun that you can try in your classroom. The students will enjoy it too!



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