High Tech vs. Print for Early Readers


Teachers and parents are being faced with the growing concern of whether to use print or high-tech books and e-readers. Technology use in the classroom is rapidly increasing with each day but is it really beneficial for our early readers? Print has obviously been around for years and parents, teachers, and children are used to easily navigating each page. Children learn to fall in love with reading through books (print) and are better able to focus their attention on the pages. Technology, such as, e-books and e-readers, are interactive and easily capture a child’s attention. It  allows each child to learn individually and uniquely. It may also provide a lot of unnecessary distractions with how much it can really offer. Today we often see teachers either sticking strictly to print or teachers who rely heavily on the benefits of technology. The bottom line really is: “children should be exposed to print first or at least simultaneously.”

I believe technology is something that needs to be embraced both in the classroom and at home. But e-books and e-readers should never replace print. You cannot compare the process and experience of learning to read, which incorporates printed words and concrete pages, to something merely digital. As the article says technology will never replace “good parenting and good teachers … the most important app, especially for little kids, is human.”


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