The Benefits of Technology

This article published by the National Science Math and Initiative Blog discusses the benefits of technology in the classroom, as various modes of technology become more common in our everyday lives. We have smart phones, iPads, and multiple devices that aid us in our everyday lives but also can change the way knowledge is presented in our classroom to inspire and excite students’ learning. There is speculation and question to whether or not this advancement is a positive one, but this article highlights the benefits of using technology.

There are may benefits mentioned in the article that support technology in the classroom. One of the benefits is that I agree with and have seen in my experience in the classroom is that technology makes the students more excited to learn. When you incorporate different modes of media in the classroom, it can really take student participation and engagement a step further. In one of my science lessons while teaching about natural disasters, instead of showing simply pictures of tornados and hurricanes and describing their monstrosity, I showed my class videos of these storms in action so they could really understand how serious and terrifying these storms are. Some of these students had never seen or witnessed either of these storms, and they were so excited and intrigued to watch them in action. I saw this as a major benefit because they could remember what the storms looked like and their effects from this visual video.


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