10 Pillars of Useful Technology


Education has drastically changed as new generations of children are being raised in the Digital Age. It is challenging for teachers, especially those who are used to teaching before the Digital Age, to adapt their lessons and make them the most efficient, applicable, and useful for their students. The above article discusses the 10 pillars of implementing technology into the classroom. One of the most important ones is number 3, to invest in and train a core group of computerists. This is a crucial part of the faculty because teachers need to learn how to use the technology in the classroom in order to efficiently implement them into lessons. Rather than wasting valuable minutes of a lesson attempting to figure out how to use an Eno Board pen or how to hook up an iPad to the projector, it is crucial to have someone available to have someone on call to do these things for the teacher and inevitably teach them. There is not a point to wasting important budget money on fantastic sources of technology if teachers do not understand how to use them. Another important idea presented is that technology changes rapidly. Teachers need to be willing not only to adapt, but to rise to the occasion and accept the challenges that new technologies often face. The last pillar is the most important to me. Technology really can be for all and it is a life long journey. Technologies introduced to the public as little as six months ago are already rapidly changing and involving. It is not uncommon for companies to continue to produce better versions of old products, such as Apple with the iPad, iMac, and iPod. It is a way to keep the world changing in the best way possible. Rather than ignoring technology, teachers need to embrace technology because future students will expect technology in the classroom because they have been raised surrounded by technology.


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