5 Reasons Technology Should Be Allowed In The Classroom


This article discusses the fact that many colleges and universities are prohibiting the use of technology in the classroom. It lists 5 reasons why it is beneficial for students to be allowed to use technology while in the classroom. These reasons are that it is second nature for students to use technology and are used to incorporating it into all aspects of their lives, they oftentimes use e-books for text books, students want streamlined organization that technology can easily provide them with, they need access to supplemental information that the internet can provide them with and thus enrich class lectures/discussions, and students can better prepare for work in their field that will require them to use technology if it is incorporated into their daily learning. I found this article particularly interesting because many of the classes I have taken here at PC have not allowed us to use our laptops out of fear that we will be more distracted and be on sites that we are not supposed to be on during class. Personally, I think the benefits of incorporating technology into learning far outweigh the chance that someone could be on twitter during class. Allowing students to use their technology while in class also teaches them the life skill of self-discipline, for they will have to realize that their grades will probably suffer if they don’t pay attention and stay on task.


One comment

  1. Marcy Zipke · February 9, 2015

    Totally agree with you, Megan. Knowing when to turn Twitter off is a life skill everyone needs these days! I also think that, since you are adults, college students should be treated with enough respect to make your own decisions about allocating attention. That said, if a student suddenly wakes up at the end of the semester and realizes he/she has not heard any of the lectures and is in big trouble, what should the professor do?


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