Avoiding the Snow Days


In Delphi, Indiana, teachers are happy by making up for lost time in snow days by using technology.  Some examples that the article provided were watching video podcasts from their iPhones, and using blogs to have discussion over the economic system of America.  This article is definitely appealing to everyone in the NorthEast who is worried about making up for lost time and trying to fit in all the material in a timely manner. Although this does seem like an easy fix, the article did report that on the second snow day, only 55% of students were involved in e-learning, whereas the first snow day reported 100% of students were involved. Is technology beneficial in this situation or should the students be allowed to enjoy their day off? From the article I can conclude that the school found a balance between having days of e-learning and days where everyone can enjoy the snow.


One comment

  1. Marcy Zipke · February 9, 2015

    I’ve been thinking about this myself… One problem is that people expect to enjoy the snow. Another is that I don’t lecture much, so it’s not like I can just videotape myself and put it online. When we don’t meet in person, we can’t have discussions or do group work in a virtual setting. And so coming up with a whole new online curriculum is not so easy at the drop of a hat!


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