Positive Impact


Recently my cousin who is in the high school that I went to has told me that next year each student is going to receive an apple laptop. I could not believe what he was saying. There will be no textbooks or handwritten assignments starting next year. My high school is not very big, 120 students is the most in a grade, but it is still hard to believe that this little catholic school is switching to technology. I never considered technology as an important use other than doing homework, writing down notes, or surfing the web in an English class while the lecture was boring ( all of us can admit to this). Then I read this article. It is about a calculus teacher. She was noticing each year students have been confused and end up leaving the classroom with more questions than answers. So, she decided to upload lectures for class and assign those for homework. Then the students can come into the classroom the next day going over problems and she was able to answer any questions her students had. The students AP scores went up a significant amount because of this. I thought to myself when I was reading how much this would actually help when I was in high school. This is showing how technology can improve a lesson and is improving school performance. I do believe that having technology in the classroom is definitely beneficial not only for the students, but also for the teacher. Now knowing that my high school is switching to all technology I can’t what to see what benefits come out of this.


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