Helpful or Harmful?

Many people believe that technology has a great impact on improving the learning of students, but is this true? As classes investigate this question, test scores have shown that there is no real difference in test scores. Technology is no the easiest tool to implement in the classroom. Many of the teachers that I have had here at Providence College know very little about the technology they are provided in the classroom. If teachers and students do not know exactly how to use the technology, or how to use it as an academic advantage, then there is really no point of having technology in the classroom. Although, if the technology is implemented correctly, this can have its benefits. Students can do one on one activities to practice their math skills, reading and many other skills. This will encourage the students to practice more because it is more fun for them and keeps them interested in what they are learning.


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  1. Marcy Zipke · February 9, 2015

    Cady, the author’s silly introduction states, “With a world of information at their fingertips nowadays, it seems like kids should be finding it easier than ever to succeed in school. However, as more classrooms invest in the latest technology, test scores remain the same, bringing its effectiveness into question.” All she means by this is that standardized test scores are much the same today as they were before students started using the Internet in the classroom. But that is on average, and not all students use the Internet in school. Plus, standardized tests have not changed at all. Our assessments need to change in order to effectively measure learning. But I do not think that just because standardized test scores haven’t changed, it necessarily follows that the Internet has not had an effect on teaching and learning. Things are different; not necessarily better.


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