“The Most Powerful Tool in the Classroom”


This article states that the most powerful tool in today’s classroom in the internet.  The teacher and the textbook are no longer the only sources of information in the classroom.  The author says that since the internet is becoming such an important part of the modern classroom, the teacher’s role in the classroom must change.  Since students can find answers to basic questions immediately on the internet, there is no reason to ask students to memorize rote facts.  Teachers can ask students more complicated questions and allow them to use their creativity more freely.  The author suggests that the classroom needs to be more student centered and that the student needs to be in control of his or her own learning.  I definitely agree with the author that “for teachers, the hardest part is letting go of control in their classrooms” because they are so used to being control of the entire school day.  Teacher need to guide their students through their own individual learning with technology.



  1. Marcy Zipke · February 9, 2015

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