Incorporating Social Media into the Classroom

The article I read (link above) gave me a wide variety of reasons why social media is important to implement into an elementary classroom. A few of the reasons involved keeping the parents in contact with the teachers and school administrators so they can be actively involved in their child’s learning. That way, everyone is on the same page. Another reason is to promote cross-cultural learning for the students. For certain school districts, this is very important to promote and encourage. Allowing a student to create a blog post from a different point of view on a topic than their peers will help promote understanding and tolerance for differences among people. There were definitely some parents who were concerned with the safety of their child online, but there are more resources out there that protects children and prevents suspicious activity. Websites like glogster and prezi not only help students express their ideas in a creative way, but it also does not necessarily post to a public forum like twitter and Facebook do. Doing the research before introducing it in the curriculum will help cut down on the concerns vocalized.


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