Pros and Cons of Social Media in the Classroom

This article presents the opinions of two teachers – one who supports the use of technology in the classroom and one who is completely against it.  The teacher who is supportive of technology in the classroom argues that students should be taught to use social media in the right way and that it gives students the opportunity to communicate with other students who they would not ordinarily be able to talk to.  The teacher who is against social media argues that it actually limits the social circle of students and reinforces self-centered behaviors.

I think that both teachers presented valid arguments making it difficult for me to pick a side.  However, I feel that if the teacher who opposes social media in the classroom were to read our textbook and see all of the ways that social media and technology in general can be used, she may change her mind.  On the other hand, I agree with that teacher when she says that students are always “plugged in” and school should be a time for them to unplug and pay attention in person.


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