A Guidebook for Social Media

This site really targets the myth, that students will be distracted by social media sites while you are trying to teach, and really tries to fight it. Incorporating social media into your classroom does not mean you have to use every popular site and it does not mean you have to stick to one either. It provides readers with 12 ways teachers are using social media in their classrooms. You can then click a link for each of these ways and the page will redirect you to a student or teachers’ own blog post. In the end social media is a growing source of technology and it is a resource that students will ultimately need to know how to navigate. You just have to learn how to make it a tool rather than a distraction. This depends heavily on the teachers ability to use, navigate, and implement social media in their classroom.

The first way in which teachers use technology is to “tweet or post status updates as a class.” I really like this idea because I know students rarely, if ever, check their email unless they’re waiting for a snow day. But students are constantly on Twitter and Facebook. They are on it the morning before they even get out of bed, walking between classes, and it’s the last thing they check before bed. When I looked at this teacher’s twitter page I found a bunch of tweets by the students and even responses from those outside of the classroom. Students are not only sharing and responding to their classmates but those around the world as well.

The second way states “Communicate with other classrooms” and provides a link to the Global Read Aloud which I was able to learn more about. The Global Read Aloud is currently linked to 60 countries. It uses one book worldwide and tries to “make as many global connections as possible” during a six week period. Teachers and students decide just how involved they want to be, they can choose to only make connections with one country or to dive much deeper into the project with many. I think this is a really cool way for students to learn more about different countries around the world and learn to make connections across different disciplines.

This website really opens the readers eyes to the many different ways social media can positively impact the classroom. Social media will always be a prevalent issue and will continue to grow as time passes. Why not find a way to incorporate it effectively within the classroom?



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