Launching Technology Programs In Schools

Public schools are starting to become more in touch with the growing technology world around them. Students are very interested with technology and are more willing to use it than any of tools in education. It has become hard for teachers to open there eyes to the great things that technology can do for them in the classroom and with the students learning. This article talks about a public school that is launching a technology program that costs about 400,000 for the first year. This is a ton of money but I really think it is worth it. Technology is not going anywhere, it will only become more involved in student lives. Learning how to incorporate it into your classroom is crucial right now. There is a great line from this article that states “students go home, go online and do some amazing stuff”. This is extremely true. Students explore the world more than any of children have before because they have the access at their fingertips. Teachers need to learn how to help students use this information for the right things and show them what they can learn through it.


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