Pros and Cons of Technology

The article above focuses on a very accurate point about social media in the classroom; it can be very distracting to our students. Children today are very involved in their social media lives. Young adolescents want a certain number of “likes” on a picture or post in order to have gratification. Social media can serve as a way for people to feel good about themselves. In the classroom, however, there are many pros and cons. The major cons being that it can be heavily distracting for our students and social media can turn into a competition for many adolescents. Children often compete for the most positive reinforcement from their peers. In the words of the article it is a “constant temptation” because things are always happening on social media. Someone is consistently posting and things around the world change so rapidly that the temptation to check in with social media is very much present. However, social media surrounds students today. Therefore, it is crucial to find the best strategies to teach students how to effectively and wisely use social media instead of abusing it.


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