Minecraft in the Classroom


This BBC News video is about a classroom in the UK that was reported to be incorporating Minecraft into the curriculum. The teacher believed that the students, especially boys, are disengaged by reading with books therefore, this video game will be better to captivate their attention and bring about better learning. These sixth graders are playing the game and then are asked to write stories based on what has happened in their game.  From the video, it is seen that the teachers are trying to improve their writing because they are asked to use descriptive details. The teachers and experts in the classroom believe this is a great tool for learning because they are “using their natural motivation that comes from games at school and for their learning”. Noreen Dunnett, an E-learning consultant, said that the students should type their responses from Minecraft on the computer because there is no need to write anymore. She said she couldn’t think of a time in her day when she would actually use a pen. Is this Minecraft in the classroom and typing everything out a little too drastic?


One comment

  1. Marcy Zipke · February 14, 2015

    And what the heck is an e-learning consultant, anyway?


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