Games or Learning Tools?

This article really interested me because it was a first hand account from a teacher and her students’ positive experiences with using technology in the classroom. The teacher in the article reflects on how her students used computers in different ways to explore, learn and report to their classmates about things that they learned on line. I loved that she used the phrase, “Game consoles? Baloney!” to describe the positive experiences her students gained from using the internet and classroom computers, and how she sees them as learning tools, not mindless game systems.

The teacher, Ms. Housely, dismissed the idea of computers as being “games” and allowed her fourth grade class to look up information in all different subjects: science, history, social studies. Some of her students even gathered a lot of information on the rainforest from the internet and put together a presentation with the facts that they learned. They then used these informative presentations to show to students in younger grades. So not only were the students using the internet to explore and learn new things, they were able to inform others and proudly show younger classmates all of the interesting things they had learned. I really loved this article because it shows the variety of ways you can incorporate computers and exploring the internet in your classroom in an appropriate, positive way to encourage students’ learning.


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