Social Media Debate

Under Illinois law, schools can require that their students give over their social media passwords. As we learned in class last week there are many great ways that social media can be used in the classroom but when you step back it is clear that there are also many issues with it. Bullying is a major issue that occurs on social media. Student’s bully other student’s on social media and feel protected saying it behind a computer screen. School’s now are taking bullying outside school and on the internet into their own hands. It is interesting to think about how social media can be used for the good- like learning in the classroom and sharing ideas and for the bad- being mean to one another, sharing embarrassing things about other people and doing things you wouldn’t do in person. I think that schools requesting passwords is a little much but the fact that it is even coming to that should be an indicator that students need more education on social media. If students are taught in school the good of social media and how they should and shouldn’t use it, maybe the amount of students bullying one another on it would decrease. Educating students on the things in the world around them is very important and if you don’t teach them about it, more likely then not it is going to be used in the wrong way.


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