Using Video Games as a Teaching Tool 

In this article that I found, it discusses the amount that teachers have started turning to educational video games as a means of learning. Personally, I think video games can be a good resources if they challenge the students enough as well as increase their understanding instead of solving the problem for the students. The article also profiles the different level at which the teacher may be familiar with educational video games (or video games in general) demonstrating how successful that teacher will be using games as a means of reinforcement. The teacher definitely does have to be very familiar with a game they are trying to implement so they can explain the procedures to their students, but they do not necessarily have to be avid gamers. Like all technology in the classroom, video games are something that the teacher has to know how to use effectively in order for the students to receive the most benefit from what they are learning. This option seems to be a very fun and interesting way to continue learning concepts in subject areas like math that may be more trivial. Whatever the teacher can to do make learning more fun and beneficial, in my opinion, is a great option.


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