Video Games and Apps in the Classroom

The Wall Street Journal wrote about teachers using video games and technology in the classroom. It discussed multiple teachers who used video games to promote learning in a variety of ways. It did touch upon minecraft however the game that I was most surprised with was Angry Birds. A high school physics teacher uses angry birds in her classroom to teach Newton’s laws of physics. I thought that her way of incorporating angry birds into the classroom to help students develop a better understanding of a difficult concept was very interesting. They were able to visualize these laws and use the information learned in class to better understand the game. I think that it is very important that when using games in any classroom they directly relate to what is being taught. One teacher said that he used games in the classroom and the children didn’t realize that they were learning. I understand that teachers should engage students immediately however if they dont recognize the concepts that are being further developed through games is it really an effective use?


One comment

  1. mzipke · February 17, 2015

    Usually, when teachers say that their students “didn’t even realize they were learning,” they don’t mean that learning didn’t take place. They mean that the students were having so much fun, they would not have characterized what they were doing as your everyday school activity. It was just that fun *and* educational.


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