Need Some Guidance

I am working with a second grade student who has Autism. He loves storytelling, but hates to write down his ideas. He really loves technology and I am excited to try out some of the apps that we worked with a couple of weeks ago! I think he would really enjoy storybook and being able to add his own ideas and pictures. However, he does not know how to type and can get very frustrated,very easily. Does anyone know of a good app to use that teaches typing? As testing is starting to happen more and more on the computer it is even more imperative that he learns these skills now! I do have access to an ipad during the time I work with him! Thank you!


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  1. mzipke · February 24, 2015

    Does he need to learn how to type, or do you want to facilitate a storytelling app? Because you could easily have him dictate the story, while you type for him. Or use an app like You’re the Storyteller, which records his voice. A typing app will take a lot of time/effort and won’t capitalize on his love of storytelling…


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