Do Smart Boards Make For Smarter Students?

I think the debate of whether or not smart boards have a significant impact on enhancing students’ learning is an interesting topic. The expensive price of buying and installing smart boards into classrooms certainly makes them a not always realistic form of technology to be able to use as a teacher. When I was in high school, I was able to watch many of the classrooms at my school replace chalk boards with smart boards. While a couple of my teachers utilized the features that a smart board has to offer, many of my teachers did not know how to use them and would only use them to write on in the same way that someone would write on a chalk board. I think that this is a big issue, for if a school is going to spend hundreds of dollars to provide teachers and students with technology, they should make sure that the teachers know how to use the technology. I think that smart boards have a lot of beneficial features to offer to a classroom, but the cost of buying them and the effort that needs to be put into teaching teachers how to transition from using chalk boards to incorporating the use of smart boards into their lessons can be problematic concerns.


One comment

  1. mzipke · February 24, 2015

    I totally agree, Megan. I have to use the smart board in any of the classrooms at PC to any really good effect, even though I have received training in them more than once. We will talk more about them on 3/17!


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