Between the Lions

I love this article because it talks about all of the benefits of watching Between the Lions.  While this show was one of my favorite programs growing up, I never realized how much it probably benefited me and my learning experience.  We touched on this in intro to Literacy last semester, and this article goes a little bit more in depth.  It says that “[Between the Lions] works because they learn through play.  They are not just watching tv, they are engaged in what is being said.”  While I would not recommend replacing a teacher with Father Theo, mother Cleo, and Lionel and Leona, I do think that this show is a perfect example of what educational television should look like and can be worked into the classroom in a way that will benefit the teacher and students.


One comment

  1. mzipke · March 13, 2015

    You didn’t realize how smart your parents were back then, eh?


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