Tablets vs. Smart Boards

I thought this article was very interesting.  The author stated that he feels that tablets are going to replace Smart Boards in the classroom.  He feels that Smart Boards are too expensive and too difficult for teachers to figure out.  He talks about how much time is wasted on trying to get this equipment to work.  He thinks that tablets are a much simpler and much cheaper way to connect with classmates and teachers.  Students and teachers can simply plug their tablets into a projector to show their information to the class.  It is also amazing that we have the ability to carry around so much information with us in such a small object.  I agree with the author that tablets are a much easier and cost efficient way to share and display information in the classroom.  I think Smart Boards are very cool but I do not think they are necessary to have in the classroom.  


One comment

  1. mzipke · March 13, 2015

    I agree with this guy 100%. Tablet are easy and smart boards are scary. And all my files (even the files I work on on my computer) are stored in Dropbox. So, no problem.


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