Television in the Classroom

Television in the classroom, when used appropriately and effectively, can be a great tool for teachers to use. First, as the article discusses, television makes great connections for students. Things that are read on a piece of paper can be brought to life through television. For students who have a difficult time imagining things that they are reading, television can provide a visual. Another great point in the article is that television can bring students and teachers together in group discussions. Since students are very used to having teachers teach while they listen, enjoying a television program together can enhance community and lead a great group discussion among teacher and student as they all experience the film together. Television can also provide a virtual field trip for students. Some districts do not have the funds or resources to send their students on field trips. Therefore, television provides a great visual of museums or even countries that students may not get the chance to experience otherwise. Overall, television is an excellent medium in order to reinforce lessons and expand students knowledge and understanding of major topics.


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