Smart Boards in the Classroom

Smart boards are beginning to become an essential role in the classroom in many schools. This is a very beneficial tool for teachers because of its many different features. Yes, white boards are useful too,but they are unable to do many things that smart boards allow children to do. For example, children are able to come up to the board and drag around items. The teachers are also able to screen what they have on their computer onto the smart board. Smart boards are also useful for the many different learning styles of students. Tactile students are able to use their fingers as the pen itself. Auditory learners are able to play sounds of the smart board and visual learners are able to watch as at the teacher uses the board. The smart board is also much neater than using a regular white board. The smart board can be used for note taking, playing videos, games and much more. I know they are expensive, but I feel that each classroom should have the opportunity to use a smart board.


One comment

  1. mzipke · March 17, 2015

    Cady, please watch this video: It gets really good around 2:20!


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