I used the app ToonTastic as my technology lesson for class! I will continue to work with the i-pad and other technology throughout the rest of semester when I see this student for intervention in writing. I was trying to find a website that just listed the different options you have to chose from for this app. There is a free app that comes with a lot of selections, characters and settings. There are also similar apps that have more specific themes such as the pirate one we reviewed in class.

I will share more in class, but I found that it was important to have the student write the story before beginning to work with the app because the app is more geared towards making your animation rather than writing. Having the story already written makes it easier to pick out characters, the setting and most especially record the story! This website has a lesson plan another teacher wrote to go with the app as well as a video and instructions to further help you. However, as we saw a couple of weeks ago, it is pretty straight forward!


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