Smart Boards

SMART boards are a great asset for teacher’s to use in the classroom. Obviously, SMART boards are an excellent tool to provide visuals to the classroom. The above article discusses the usefulness of SMART boards for interactions with students. Due to its touch technology, students can use the board to write, draw, or circle answers. Interactions like this during a lesson can keep students involved and engaged in the lesson. It is also an excellent way to quickly get access to the internet in the middle of the lesson. The board automatically will project what’s on the desktop to the board. This is very helpful if you do not plan ahead but think that something on the internet or a visual on your computer could help to enhance learning. Another great attributed of the SMART board is that it is eco-friendly. You are not wasting resources such as chalk and paper when you can simply provide a strong visual to the whole class through the SMART board. Overall, access to SMART boards is a great way to enhance student learning and keep lessons interesting and interactive.


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