Blogging In Class

This article are easy to follow and really painted the picture for how a blog could help improve students learning in a classroom. In this article, the teacher implements a blog in a high school classroom. She recognized that she wasn’t having her students write enough and wanted to find a way that made them want to write. After bringing the blog to the classroom, she found that her students writing was improving and they were enjoying it. I like that she recognized how the blog was giving the shy students that don’t feel comfortable to share thoughts and opinions in class a safe space to do this. This helps both the introverted student their classmates. They are able to share and their classmates are able to get their thoughts and learn from everyone in the class, not just the students that always share in class. I have learned that blogging gives the students the opportunity to learn from one another and also for the teacher to think outside their own box and learn from their students as well.


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