Audio Books

This article briefly discusses some audio books that are available to students of all levels. It gives ideas how to incorporate audio books into lesson plans to help students meet common core standards. After reading this and as I am working with a few ELL students in my first grade classroom, I realize how helpful audio books can be. The other first grade teacher that I work with has a “listening” center all week where the students listen to a story. Although my classroom does not generally do centers or listen to audio books, it could be extremely beneficial especially for the ELL students and the few that receive Title 1 reading services. However, I also think that it is important that the students don’t just listen to the story but are able to follow along with the actual text. This way, students can not only hear the words but see them too. If they are struggling readers, this could help improve their word recognition. One of my ELL students in particular strictly relies on phonics to decode words. However, because of her unfamiliarity with the English language, she struggles coming to the correct word. In her case, an audio book as well as the text would be extremely beneficial.


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