Educational TV: Is it Effective?

This article discusses the generalizations about TV and whether so -called “educational” television really has any effective educational value at all. It points out how television and education do not really go to together. However, there is really no way to show that what a student is watching on tv, at home or in the classroom, is productive or not. A lot of the kids shows on TV today focus on developmental skills and educational values, and children may be learning things whether they know it or not. It is kind of all up to the individual. The one thing that they do consider is that most children prefer TV over school-related activities, like homework. So if the TV can prove to be educational for the individual, it can be beneficial. “Television in moderation and with the right content can go along with studying.” I think about things I have learned from TV– Especially the “School House Rock” videos, and to this day I still use some of those songs to answer questions and that is how I learned a lot of important topics especially in history and grammar.


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