Apple For Special Education

As Jess, Nikki and I are doing our final project on using technology in special education settings, I have found many websites and articles about this and one that I thought was incredibly interesting was actually on the Apple website. They discuss that every Apple product is built and considers learning levels of all students. This, I thought was interesting as I know iPads and computers can be great resources for students but what I didn’t realize that Apple has considered this. Their website shows examples of how their software can help students who require special education services and considers many different disabilities. It is very easy to manipulate and it sorts the information based on disability discussing how it can be used in the classroom to promote student learning, how it can be applied to each student and who can benefit from these applications. A very good resource if you have any Apple products, the knowledge can be used in the general education classroom as well providing accommodations for each individual learner.


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