Benefits of Technology for Special Education Students

This article discusses how special education students can benefit from using technology in the classroom. Two things that were said of being benefits were not academic but still incredibly important for students. One was that by being able to use technology, students can build their confidence. It may be much easier for a student to type on a keyboard than write with a pencil on paper. Students will not be as frustrated when using technology and will be more eager to learn as they will know that they can do it. This is incredibly important as it will help to ensure that the students don’t shut down but want to continue to learn. Another reason that using technology in the classroom is important for special education students is that being able to use technology is a marketable skill as it is something that is incredibly important in society today. By being knowledgeable of technology, many doors are opened and students can use this knowledge in various settings incorporating not just in the classroom but in real life situations.


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