Dog with a Blog

Blogging can be used in various ways for an elementary school teacher. One way, discussed in the article, is for whole group journals and conversing with peers. Our students are often referred to as digital natives. They have grown up surrounded by technology. One disadvantage to people who work in the field but are not used to working with technology is that they fail to implement things like this into their lessons. Blogs can be developed as a fun and technology friendly way for students to converse. For example, providing students with an in class assignment where they have to blog about their findings on the same topic. Each student is able to provide a different part of the topic and the other students can read what their peers have to say. It is a fun and easy way for students to share their thoughts and findings. It is also easily accessible at home if students wanted to use the information from their peers.

Blogs are also an excellent way to converse with parents. Parents are very busy and do not always have the time to come into the classroom for conferences or meetings. Blogs are an easy way to update parents on student progress or what is happening in the classroom, field trips, etc. It is a considerate and time friendly way to keep parents in the loop.


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