Podcasts are a great way for students to learn things that interest them. They are able to download podcast to any device they want and listen and learn. Teachers can also use podcast for homework or in the classroom to teach something. They give or play the podcast for the students to listen to and then have an activity or assignment to complete once the podcast is over. One of my professors did podcasts and we would listen to them for homework and then the class following it would be reviewing what we learned, going over our questions and going into more detail about the topic as well as completing a little assignment on it.



Digital Photography

Digital photography is not something I really think of immediately as a learning tool in a classroom but it really is! One really cool thing I have learned to use with digital photography is constructing a webpage and updating it to keep parents involved in what is going on throughout the day. I really like this because parents sign off to have photos of their children added to it and are able to see what they are up to while they are in the hands of someone else for the rest of the day. I can imagine when I’m a parent I’m going to want to know what my children are doing. It also gives parents and teachers a way of communicating in a fun way



With all the safety concerns now of days, taking a class on a field trip is a lot more difficult than it ever has been before. The use of Webcast in the classroom is like being able to take students outside of the classroom without actually leaving the classroom. This new technology for classroom is very for learning new things from people that aren’t at your direct face to face advantage. I have learned so much for the two classes we had webcasting with education people that I never would have learned otherwise. Also to Webcast someone cost no money to the students what so ever like a field trip would so everyone gets the equality chance to learn from it. I can only imagine how excited an elementary school class would be seeing and talking to someone new and interesting on a board!

Here is a free virtual trip about dolphins at an aquarium. http://www.scholastic.com/browse/article.jsp?id=3752492


Growing up I always had SmartBoards in the classroom with me. They were the coolest part of every classroom I was in. Now teaching in urban areas, SmartBoards aren’t as common to see due to the cost of them and funding the school has. This makes me sad because SmartBoards are great to “accomodate different learning styles” and students with “limited motor skills can enjoy the board use” and how interactive it is. I wish that all the students I work with got to experience the great things a SmartBaords can do in the classroom. I hope that when I am a teacher I am able to have a SmartBoard in my classroom because there are so many different ways to use it for lessons to help engage your students throughout the day!


Blogging In Class

This article are easy to follow and really painted the picture for how a blog could help improve students learning in a classroom. In this article, the teacher implements a blog in a high school classroom. She recognized that she wasn’t having her students write enough and wanted to find a way that made them want to write. After bringing the blog to the classroom, she found that her students writing was improving and they were enjoying it. I like that she recognized how the blog was giving the shy students that don’t feel comfortable to share thoughts and opinions in class a safe space to do this. This helps both the introverted student their classmates. They are able to share and their classmates are able to get their thoughts and learn from everyone in the class, not just the students that always share in class. I have learned that blogging gives the students the opportunity to learn from one another and also for the teacher to think outside their own box and learn from their students as well.



– Was it clear which students have access to computers at home and who doesn’t?

– How did you handle students that were off task on the computers doing other things?

– Where does the funding come from for all this technology?

change in the classroom

As years go by, students are learning the same things but the way they are learning the information is changing with the times. Change is always happening in a classroom depending on what materials are available for the teachers to use. With the growing digital world that we are living in teachers are learning to incorporate technology into their lessons. In Napa valley this is starting to become a huge part of the classroom. I like how this article talk about how students can take charge of the pace of their own learning. I don’t know if this is helpful in the younger grades because they might not actually take charge but in older grades you can move on once you’ve mastered a lesson or keep working on it until you get it. Also it points out that technology can help students “research and solve real world problems”. This is awesome because students as they get older they will need to do research papers and projects. They will be able to do it with no issue because they have learned from such a young age what to do for it.