Technology for every level

This is the website for a school that I work at over the summer.  The school is for children with disabilities who need more attention than they would get in a general ed classroom.  In the classroom that I have worked in, technology is very very helpful with helping every student learn.  Each student is on his/her own track meaning that some are more advanced than others.  Having computers and iPads in the classroom for students to work on allows each student to work at their own pace while giving the teacher the ability to give each student the attention he/she needs.


Using Technology to learn ASL

I am taking an ASL course now and I realized how helpful technology is in learning signs when I am not with the teacher to ask for help.  She sent us links to a bunch of websites (posted below) that are dictionaries which explain what a sign can be used for and then show videos of how to do the sign properly.  It is more helpful than a textbook because you can actually see how the sign is supposed to move instead of guessing from a picture.  The links could be helpful to anyone who is interested in learning a few signs, I know that signing can sometimes be helpful when working with students with disabilities!

Audio Books

This Article talks about how Abbie Root, a fifth grade teacher in Michigan, started out the year with only 6 out of 27 students reading at grade level.  She had the students listen along to an audio tape as they read their books and the number of grade-level readers doubled.  It is helpful to expose students to material that may be higher level, but still teaches them new vocabulary and challenges their comprehension.  It can help to put students at all different reading levels on equal playing fields.

Between the Lions

I love this article because it talks about all of the benefits of watching Between the Lions.  While this show was one of my favorite programs growing up, I never realized how much it probably benefited me and my learning experience.  We touched on this in intro to Literacy last semester, and this article goes a little bit more in depth.  It says that “[Between the Lions] works because they learn through play.  They are not just watching tv, they are engaged in what is being said.”  While I would not recommend replacing a teacher with Father Theo, mother Cleo, and Lionel and Leona, I do think that this show is a perfect example of what educational television should look like and can be worked into the classroom in a way that will benefit the teacher and students.